Some of my work include:


I joined the MUI team in June 2021.

I work on the core open source packages, focusing primarily on creating the unstyled versions of components - the Base UI library.

Temporary job market platform

A suite of mobile and web applications, and a cloud backend used for connecting workers with temp employees.

Technologies used include ASP.NET, Xamarin, Azure, React and many others.

I was the lead developer on one of the teams building web and mobile applications.

Maritime insurance management system

A set of applications developed for one of the largest maritime protection and indemnity clubs in the world. It was designed to run the client's core business processes.

Applied technologies include ASP.NET, NServiceBus and AngularJS.

I was the lead developer on one of the core teams for 18 months.


A series of mobile and web apps for a number of municipalities in Poland. The apps display waste disposal schedules, allows setting notfications and show latest news from the local council. All major mobile platforms are supported.

I am the only developer on the project and I am responsible for the whole application lifecycle - from architecture design, through coding and deployment to support.

The project has been discontinued in March 2023, after over 8 years in production.

Public transport management system

A large, distributed system made by Future Processing for one of the European capital cities. Based on node.js and AngularJS.

I have been contributing to it for 1.5 years as a lead developer.

CQRS Essentials

A set of utilities for writing applications using CQRS.

Includes command, query and event dispatching using Autofac.

Light Grid

Grid component for AngularJS. This is my attempt to create a light, simple grid with angular-style, declarative syntax.


Inspired by Alfred Hoehn's machines, I made a Javascript pintograph simulator.

Michał Dudak