Hi, I'm Michał

I design and create software for a living (and for fun too!).

I spend most of my day time building Material-UI as a core maintainer. I'm mostly responsible for creating the unstyled components package. Additionally, I work part-time at Future Processing in Gliwice, Poland as a principal software engineer. And besides that, I run my own little software development business.

I consider myself a .NET full-stack web developer. Most recently, I've been focusing on the frontend much more. React with Typescript are my weapons of choice. I love messing around with web user interfaces but still, server-side stuff is not a mystery to me.

As for non web technologies, I know my way around Xamarin and recently I started looking into Unity. I did some game programming during my studies, so I think it'll be fun.

If you're interested in technical articles, head over to my blog. I hope you enjoy your stay here!

When not involved in geeky stuff, I enjoy taking photos, making movies and riding a motorcycle (possibly at the same time).

Michał Dudak