Hi, I'm Michał Dudak

I'm a software developer, designer, photographer and motorcyclist.

I spend most of my time working for Future Processing in Gliwice as a technical advisor and an internal trainer. I also run my own little software development business with the help of my wife, Karolina Dudak.

I like to call myself a full-stack web developer slighly biased towards frontend. I love messing around with web user interfaces (HTML+CSS+JS FTW!) but I'm not afraid of doing server stuff as well. My weapon of choice is ASP.NET (I'm a Microsoft Certifed Technology Specialist in .NET Framework 4, Web Applications). I'm also familiar with node.js and know a bit about PHP (at least enough to handle Joomla! and WordPress sites ;)).

Recently I've also gained interest in mobile development. As .NET is a familiar territory to me, I started with Windows Phone. I'm currently working on a multiplatform Xamarin applications as well.

When not involved in geeky stuff, I enjoy taking photos and riding a motorcycle (possibly at the same time).

If you're interested in technical articles, head over to my blog. I hope you enjoy your stay here!


Some of my work include:

  • Light Grid

    Grid component for AngularJS. This is my attempt to create a light, simple grid with angular-style, declarative syntax.

  • Wywozik Rybnik

    A Windows Phone 8 app made for citizens of Rybnik town in Poland. It shows waste disposal schedules, allows setting notfications and shows latest news from the local council.

  • Pintograph

    Inspired by Alfred Hoehn's machines, I made a Javascript pintograph simulator. If you happen to watch this site on a desktop browser, you see its output in the background.

  • Filebase

    Tiny library for persisting data in JSON files. An alternative to database systems for small data sets (think application settings) allowing external access.

  • Public transport management system

    A large, distributed system made by Future Processing for one of the European capital cities. Based on node.js and AngularJS.

    I have been contributing to it for 1.5 years as a lead developer.


I had a chance to speak at these events:

  • .NET Developer Days 2016

    How to .NET All The Things? October 2016 Warsaw, Poland
  • Continuous Lifecycle London

    ASP.NET + Docker + Azure May 2016 London, UK
    A new version of my ASP.NET + Docker + Azure talk for DevOps audience. More focus on container management, less on coding. Plus, description of new features of the recently released Windows Server 2016 TP5.

    ASP.NET + Docker + Azure October 2015 Gdańsk, Poland
  • .NET Developer Days 2015

    ASP.NET + Docker + Azure October 2015 Warsaw, Poland
    Docker has been in Linux world for quite some time. But how can .NET developers take advantage of it? In this talk I showed how to run ASP.NET applications inside Linux containers and new Windows Server containers, and then, how to host them in Azure.
  • 4Developers 2015

    .NET 2015 - co nowego? (.NET 2015 - what's new?) April 2015 Warsaw, Poland
    An updated version of the talk I gave on ITAD 2014 in Gliwice. I covered differences between .NET Framework and .NET Core, presented new features in C# 6, and summarized upcoming changes in ASP.NET 5 and Entity Framework 7.
  • IT Academic Day Gliwice 2014

    Nowości w .NET w roku 2015 (.NET 2015 new features) December 2014 Gliwice, Poland

    A summary of the changes Microsoft is preparing for the 2015 release of .NET and related technologies and tools including Visual Studio 2015, C# 6.0, Roslyn, ASP.NET 5, .NET Core and others.

    This talk was given at Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice.

  • IT Academic Day Bielsko-Biała 2014

    ASP.NET 5 - co nowego? (ASP.NET 5 - what's new?) November 2014 Bielsko-Biała, Poland

    An extended version of the talk I gave at Future Dev Day 2014. I covered more ASP.NET 5 features such as the new project system, MVC 6, OWIN support and more.

  • Future Dev Day 2014

    ASP.NET vNext - co nowego? (ASP.NET vNext - what's new?) October 2014 Gliwice, Poland

    A quick overview of the most exciting features of the ASP.NET 5 (codenamed vNext t the time).

  • Future Dev Day 2011

    Code review - czy naprawdę opóźnia development? (Code review - does it really slow development down?) - with Tymoteusz Dragon September 2011 Gliwice, Poland

    A short talk I gave on Future Processing's internal developer event - Future Dev Day. Unfortunately, no resources are available.


I've been training Future Processing employees for over four years. The most recent set of workshops include:

  • Angular JS

    Directives, scopes, controllers, digest cycle - these terms are increasingly popular among frontend developers. I've trained well over 100 engineers on how to use Angular JS - the most popular Javascript MVC framework.

    The workshop is divided into three parts - basics, advanced stuff and testing. The whole code is available on GitHub.

    2 days
  • CSS

    I've noticed that developers usually don't like CSS. I'm trying to convince them it's not so scary.

    During the five-hour workshop we're creating a website from scratch, based on a provided design. Several layout building techiniques are covered as well as media queries, transitions, animations and transforms.

    5 hours
  • AJAX in .NET

    In today's web development asynchrounous data transfer is a must. This workshop covers both client and .NET server side of things. Participants learn how to leverage the browsers' XMLHttpRequest API as well as jQuery $.ajax method. On the server, several request handling methods are described: ASMX web services, WebForms page methods, HTTP handlers, ASP.NET MVC actions and WebAPI actions. In the future this will be extended to cover ASP.NET 5 middleware as well.

    2 hours

If you are interested in holding one of these workshops in your company, let me know!